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Shallow Graves (formerly JsGoWest Productions) is a multifaceted production company founded in 2014 by Jenny Lester and Juliana Jurenas (us!).

While living in LA, we got really really bored. Julie was getting audition after audition for girl-at-the-bar-please-note-if-willing-to-go-topless-for-$50/day-bump while Jenny wondered if she’d ever be seen for anything other than girl-next-door-in-Anatevka. So we decided to give ourselves permission to create. As soon as we allowed ourselves to write and inhabit the characters we wanted to play, our world opened up. We started making shorts and sketch comedy in our backyard — using Jenny’s family dog as a prop and her sisters as extras — before turning our attention to the half-hour series medium with our road-trip dramedy, Platonics.

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Our tastes and interests are evolving constantly, (we’re millennials after all) but together we’ve refined a certain aesthetic entirely our own. We both come from the theatre, have a die hard love of indie movies, and a burning desire to work in scripted television. So aesthetically, we like to think we live somewhere in the neighborhood of “Chekov writes an anachronistic mumblecore for HBO.”

Shallow Graves strives to tell small stories that embody the human experience while exploiting the universal three-dimensionality of all people — whether those people live on a small screen, big screen, or eight times a week in a tiny blackbox. In this political climate and beyond, the goal is to focus on stories — damn good stories — by women about women, while providing platforms for intersectional storytelling by amplifying the voices of women of color and other marginalized groups.