A Blonde, a Brunette, & A Redhead... MAKE A MOVIE!

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Drink up.

#whatshesaid movie is coming.

Hey everyone! Welcome to the official Shallow Graves news source! 

This is where you should learn to duck because people in suspenders are constantly throwing folders around and shouting across the room in unintelligible transatlantic accents. *Just kidding.* But sometimes we DO like to pretend we're in our very own His Girl Friday style office just for fun.

This is actually the place to stay updated on all things Shallow Graves -- which means right now get ready for an onslaught of up-to-the-minute content about What She Said, our first feature! We had an incredible and inspiring day yesterday interviewing female DPs (YAS all-female creative and crew) and we're honestly gobsmacked by how many badass women are out there making content. 

We cannot wait to tell this story, y'all. Look out for more information and the launch of our very first Seed & Spark campaign, this summer!

Stay cool out there.


PS - Extra special thanks to our home base, Town Stages, for letting us squat all day and cheering us on and making us coffee while we met with these incredible gals.