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Sometimes codependency is really really fun.  Meet Jenny and Julie: a pair of millennial social-activists, who don’t believe in online dating or the patriarchy.  And who make about twelve dollars a week.  Between them.  When the two get booted from the storefront they’re squatting in, they have no choice but to pack up the Subaru and hit the road.  It’s like Thelma and Louise.  Without murder.  Or suicide. Plus iPhones.  Just scroll down and watch the trailer.




The idea for Platonics sprouted from a 33-day road trip real life gal-pals Jenny and Julie took across the country the summer they moved from the East Coast to the West Coast (yes they're now back East... don't worry about it). The 1/2 hour pilot was shot in October of 2016 and we're currently looking for a home for the ten-episode first season.



Directed by Mitch Yapko

Produced by Saralyn Armer

Director of Photography Wey Wang

Written by Jenny Lester

Edited by Juliana Jurenas


To learn more about Platonics or request pitch materials, please shoot us an email HERE.