What She Said.

After spending nearly a year of her life in court following one night out in a college town and a terribly pieced together campus rape case, Sam is fucking done. She heads to her family's remote cabin for a little peace only to be interrupted intervention-style by her siblings and friends. A feature length kitchen-sink drama with a black comedy heart. Learn more HERE.



Sometimes codependency is really really fun.  Meet Jenny and Julie: a pair of millennial social-activists, who don’t believe in online dating or the patriarchy.  And who make about twelve dollars a week.  Between them.  When the two get booted from the storefront they’re squatting in, they have no choice but to pack up the Subaru and hit the road.  It’s like Thelma and Louise.  Without murder.  Or suicide. Plus iPhones. Click HERE to watch the trailer.

Happy Poster


Love, sex, and the politics of privilege. One dinner party game gone awry and six friends questioning absolutely everything. Called "...smart, sexy, and haunting..." at the Prince Edward Island Fringe Festival. Based on "Nackt" by Doris Dorrie and translated by James Daniel Frost. New adaptation by Jenny Lester. US/English Language Premiere.


Ghost Busters.

A scrappy band of twenty-something-year-old DIY sleuths join forces to find and catch the most infamous ghosts of the New Orleans dating scene.  They call themselves the Ghost Busters.  Two words.