Juliana Jurenas

Juliana Jurenas - Co-Founder/Editor/Producer
D.C. native and self-described ebullient giraffe, Julie is usually on top of a mountain somewhere with a canteen of a wine and a really great fiction novel that will win all the awards next year but you haven’t heard of yet. Julie is a world traveler and blogs about her trips at www.mostlytravels.com. While living in LA, she worked as an Executive Assistant at the historic Village Studios in Santa Monica and still makes excellent Spotify playlists. Julie has spent time volunteering in orphanages in Uganda and Honduras and speaks fluent Spanish. In 2015, Julie made it to the Top 15 for Travel Channel’s Search for the Next Travel Channel Star. A proud Gryffindor with a BFA in Musical Theatre and a Dance Minor, Julie has acted in things which you can read about on www.julianajurenas.com. She is currently learning how to Lindy Hop.

Jenny Lester

Jenny Lester - Co-Founder/Writer/Director
A born and raised Valley girl with an affinity for iced coffee, Jenny usually has a pair of sunglasses on her head and a Dorothy Parker collection in her purse. Jenny spent a year and a half working bi-coastally as a Writers’ Assistant for playwright, author, and screenwriter Steven Sater (Broadway’s Spring Awakening) before relocating to New York full time. In 2014, Jenny adapted, produced, and directed a mixed media version of Conversations with Other Women with the blessing of screenwriter, Gabrielle Zevin. Her tush can be seen on the cover of the second printing of David Caudle’s The Sunken Living Room. A proud Slytherin with a BFA in Musical Theatre from Point Park University, she’s acted a lot and you can read about that on www.jennyluisalester.com. Current: Literary Manager for BEDLAM. More patter on twitter @thejennylester.