What She Said Team

Jenny Lester

JENNY LESTER - Writer/Producer/Playing "Sam"

A born and raised Valley girl with an affinity for iced coffee, Jenny usually has a pair of sunglasses on her head and a Dorothy Parker collection in her purse. Jenny spent a year and a half working bi-coastally as a Writer’s Assistant for playwright, author, and screenwriter Steven Sater (Broadway’s Spring Awakening) before relocating to New York full time. She tried her hand at that backstage life, ASM’ing for BEDLAM’s Pygmalion, before giving Florida a whirl, starring in Bad Jews at American Stage. With Shallow Graves, Jenny wrote, produced, and starred in the spec pilot Platonics. A proud BFA Musical Theatre graduate from Point Park University, she’s directed and acted in a lot of plays you can read about on www.jennyluisalester.com.

Juliana Jurenas

JULIANA JURENAS  - Producer/Editor/Playing "Harper"

D.C. area native and self-described ebullient giraffe, Julie is usually on top of a mountain somewhere with a canteen of wine. While living in LA, she worked as an Executive Assistant at the historic Village Studios in Santa Monica and is now gracing New York with her excellent Spotify playlists. In 2015, Julie made it to the Top 15 for Travel Channel’s Search for the Next Travel Channel Star. With Shallow Graves, she produced, starred in, and edited the spec pilot, Platonics. A proud BFA Musical Theatre Major and Dance Minor from Point Park University, Julie works as a freelance editor and Yoga instructor at CorePower Yoga and acts in things that you can read about on www.julianajurenas.com.

Amy Northup

AMY NORTHUP - Director

Amy grew up in the woods with Smoky the Bear for a father. (Not really, but her dad is a National Park Ranger and she did grow up in National Parks all over the country.) When she’s not pitching tents or casually handling a bow and arrow, she resides in New York where she wears a lot of hats. Actress, Director, Associate Artistic Director of Animus Theatre Company (www.animustheatre.org), Podcaster, and Activist are among her favorite. Amy is a facilitator with OutSmart NYC, a collective of activists, practitioners, and nightlife professionals dedicated to ending sexual violence in nightlife.  www.amynorthup.com for all things art and acting related, and @supnorthup on insta for equal parts thirst traps and intersectional rants.  

Alexa Wolf

ALEXA WOLF - Director of Photography

If Alexa didn't love shooting movies so much, she would live on a farm in New Zealand with too many horses, hiking every day and sleeping under the stars. Instead, she lives in starless New York City where she’s pursuing her dream of taking your picture 23.98 times a second. A Northern California native, she moved to New York to attend Bard College, from which she received a B.A. in Film and Electronic Arts. In 2018 she shot "Candace" a narrative short that went on to win Best Picture in the Emerging Filmmakers Showcase at Cannes. Other recent projects include; a new feature length thriller set on Fire Island, and the Summer & Fall season campaigns for LOFT. More about the fuzzy feeling she gets with a warm camera snuggled next to her cheek on www.alexawolf.com.